Estate and Trust Administration

The Law Office of Brenda J. Miller, Esq. offers a range of legal services related to estate and trust administration and litigation. She serves Greater Hudson Valley and the surrounding areas. She can help people living in communities around Middletown, NY, Orange County, NY, and Sullivan County, NY with services relating to estate and trust administration and litigation.

Administration of Assets Passing Under Wills

Brenda can help you determine the assets and debts of an estate if you are the executor or a beneficiary of the will. Additionally, she can assist you in navigating your way through the court system.

Administration of Estates Without Wills

If you are eligible to receive assets or serve as an administrator of an estate without a will, Brenda can provide you with legal assistance. She can identify the beneficiaries and determine how the assets must be distributed under New York law.

Trust Administration

Brenda can help you learn more about your rights and obligations if you are the trustee or beneficiary of a trust. Her advice is based on the terms of the trust and New York law.

Other Areas We Work In:

  • Probate
  • Medicaid planning

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